Roof Tops of Istanbul

Istanbul is an old city with a modern touch, with the hills near the Bosphorus and wonderful views from rooftops. So let`s take a look!

  1. Vogue

A chic and minimalist rooftop restaurant, Vogue is known by its panoramic view of the Bosphorus with a trendy atmosphere and such a delicious food.

  1. Leb-i derya

The ones with the very best views of Bosphorus is the 7th floor dining hall and bar: Leb-i derya has become a desired place because it’s located in one of the most central points with the good music, food and perfect service.

  1. Mikla

The place that took 44th in the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants-ranking of 2018. Place for those who want to feel that everything is possible and enjoy the atmopshere at the same time.

  1. 360

The winner of international awards, this place attracts famous artists and tourists with fun atmosphere, good food and variety of drinks. Try to visit itin the morning - they have the most delicious breakfast mixed with wonderfull Istanbul view.