Internet Through Turkey

Since we have covered the most basic things you need to know while traveling arounf Turkey, let us introduce yourself.

Last month, a lady got her internet bill with the cost of £12,500 because she was using the hotel`s Wi-Fi but this is cut-out and her foreign mobile Internet provider automatically took over! Yuks!

Today, we are reviewing the 4G devices supplied by our company - Wi-Fi provider aims to keep visitors of Turkey connected 24/7 to unlimited, low-cost and fast Internet.

The most traditional way to avoid roaming charges is to get a prepaid turkish simcard. Almost every restaurant, bar and hotel in Turkey has Wi-Fi connection that is offered for free. Some cafes use a Wi-Fi hotspot provider,so you will need to register in their system.

StayIn WiFi is an Istanbul based company. Their company slogan is “Stay Happy”

Portable Wi-Fi device is a tiny widget that enables you, friends and your family to get 4.5G/unlimited internet service all over the Turkey. You can carry the device in your bag or pocket, so you can connect any time you need Wi-Fi.

You can get the device in Sabiha Airport, Istanbul Airport and Trabzon Airport.. Also we can deliver device to your hotel all over the Turkey if you need it.

Their price for 7 days is 114 TL only! You can check their prices and whether you want more or less days on the website: