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Who are we?

Stay In Wifi Company offers you an exclusive opportunity in Europe. Just make an online reservation for your unlimited internet hotspot now! Enjoy your holiday with the fastest internet technology, in the speed of 4G. We provide equipments in the latest version. All devices work without a problem. We also give you Powerbank and suitable Charger Kit to satisfy your technological neeeds. You will not wait to get the device. We have Pick-up locations at Sabiha Airport, Istanbul Airport and Trabzon Airport. You can take your device just as you arrived at the airport. Also we will deliver your device to your hotel all over the Europe if you demand so. For the details please scroll down! Until now, lots of customers became happy about the speed and service of the internet. Why dont you become the next one?

  • Fast connection
  • 5 person can connect with high speed
  • Online & secure payment
  • Powerbank within package
  • Airport pick-up
  • No data limits
  • No quota
  • 7/24 customer support