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Can I take out the Sim Card from the device?

You should not take the Sim Card out. Otherwise the connection will be lost. If there is such circumstances please Contact Us.

Can I use the Sim Card in my own hotspot?

Please use the mobile hotspot delivered to you for the fastest connection and better usage.

Do you have any other services other than Portable Hotspot?

Some great projects are coming soon.

Do you have data (GB) limited package?

We have. Please contact us for these packages.

Covering all Turkey?

The device works all over Turkey. In cities and neighborhoods the device has excellent signal quality. You can go any city without fearing signal loss. But in case of steep mountainsides, very far places from settlements please contact us and verify the signal. And please note that far places from base stations such as ships, the signal quality is related with the range between you and the land.

Does the device have call right or SMS?

Device does not allow you to cal lor send text messages. You don’t need SMS or call right, because you have unlimited (open) internet. If you need call and text simcards please contact us.

How many devices can connect at the same time?

10 devices can connect at the same time. But please note that the speed depends on user number. Just like your internet at your home.

In case of lost or stolen device situations?

Lost device fee is 50 Euros. Please take a look at Terms and Conditions for details.

Is there a data (GB) limit?

There is no fair usage limit or point. You can use however you want without thinking. There is no extra roaming charge.

What is Portable Wifi Device?

Portable wifi device is a tiny widget that enables you, your friends and your family to get 4.5G/Unlimited internet service all over the Turkey. You can carry in in your bag or pocket, so you can connect any time you need Wi-Fi Access freely. You don’t need personal Sim Card anymore.

What kind of devices can connect?

Any devices that have Wi-Fi accessibility can connect. Phones, computers, ipads, game consoles, cameras or tablets.

What should I do to connect the device?

So easy! Push the power button. Find the device name in the Wi-Fi list. Connect with the password. No other equipment or program is needed.

Battery is not long enough

Normal battery works about 5-6 hours without charging. You can use the powerbank to charge your device when you are outside. And please note that you should charge the device with home socket when you arrive your residence/hotel each day.

Consistent red light on device

If you see consistent red light on the device, there is problem with your connection. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Lights are not seen or red light on Battery icon

Please check the device should have full charge. After that press the power button and start the device again. The lights will come.

The device freezed

If the device freezed, please take out the battery and put it in its place again. The lights will come after that. Please do not remove the simcard or do not push the reset button.

Yellow light on the Internet icon

When you are countryside or far away from cities sometimes you can see the yellow light. Don’t be afraid. The device is still working.
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